How to start to take care of your hair daily

How to take care of your hair daily?

Let's be honest, those who have healthy, strong, and beautiful hair will, It will not find interest in that article. (probably but who knows?)
So today we will focus on those people whose hair is dry, brittle, mate has split ends, etc. 

So if you are here I assume you have damaged hair, right? and you already know what destroys them, yes? (If not, I strongly encourage you to the article at the very bottom of the page), You don't know what to do or how to do it?

Today I will tell you all this from the beginning. So let's enjoy this article, with no delay, let's begin our journey from damaged hair to healthy hair one, two, three... let's start!

how to start to take care of a hairs

First, you will grab sharp scissors or go to the hairdresser who will do it for you, and we will cut the damaged tips.

Because we want or not, even the most expensive cosmetics will not regenerate them, and also hair cutting has other advantages such as the damage stops spreading, and the undercut tips look aesthetically and healthy. 

Before you do anything else remember that each of us has different hair, so we should individually choose our hair care, not copy blindly from others. 

Because no one can watch after your hair better than you do, right? but we can be inspired by people who have similar hair to ours (color, length, thickness, density, or curl).
An essential step in the fight for your hair will be a deep cleaning of the hair, from the build-up substances found in the cosmetics we use.
For this we can use a simple daily shampoo (don't let the "daily" name confuse you because we should not use shampoo every day because, as we know from the previous lesson, it destroys our hair) here I can recommend the very good shampoo (authors opinion) "Rahua Daily Shampoo", (available in our store) wash your hair and scalp twice, to clean the hair of "coat" so the hair can breathe and be prepare for a new "coat".

Once we have got rid of this shell of cosmetics from our head, we can moisturize our hair with a mask or conditioner. Emollient masks based on oils and silicones weigh down the hair and therefore it is best to apply it to the hair before washing. 
(So ​​here again I recommend "Rahua" products, why? Because they are good and tested by professionals.)
We apply a mask, conditioner, and rinse to the hair slightly dried towel, otherwise water flowing down the hair will "block" the mask and conditioner.
Rinse cosmetics (shampoos, masks, conditioners) thoroughly under warm running water. Finally, close the hair cuticles with cool water.

As the next step, we should oil the hair,
although hair oiling brings wonderful results, the less oil you use, the better result you'll get, 
I would advise you to just use a mask and conditioner because they simultaneously moisturize and oiling your hair, and oil might make your hair greasy and will not replace a conditioner or mask. If you will use oil, then moisturize your hair again with conditioner.

You will achieve the desired result thanks to regularity and perseverance.
Less then better. 

Do not give up!
Thank you very much, and I wish you a lot of success on your way to healthy and beautiful hair.

Best Regards

Jacob - Chooser store

Entry created at 28.05.2020

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