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==>Why do we gain weight<==

How to lose weight?

Entry created at 05,05,2020

Hello and welcome everyone! 

That is my first post on this blog, and as the first entry, I have chosen the subject of slimming. Because what is the blog about health and beauty, without such a topic. 

So let's start.


We are living in difficult times, where often the lifestyle we lead does not allow us to focus on ourselves.

Unhealthy food, rush, stress all this contribute to excess weight, especially now that we are on lockdown

I guess most of us this time is spending with families, working from home, basically what we are doing is not exercising a lot.


So let's get any first article on how to lose weight

For sure most of them will certainly declare that the only key to success is: to eat less and to exercise more, while others will tell that cutting out carb's is a solution, also where others will encourage us on different diets.

So who to believe now

The fact is that everyone is correct.


I understand that this answer probably was not very helpful.

I will explain everything to you in a second.


So first things first: How to stop gaining extra weight?

For a start, everything is a fault of bad eating habits, which we often do not always realize.

like a :

  • irregular meals;
  • eating in a hurry;
  • eating rarely and a lot, not and little ;
  • not eating breakfast;
  • snacking between meals;
  • avoiding fruits and vegetables in the diet;
  • too frequent eating of high-calorie, fatty foods;
  • drinking caloric carbonated drinks and juices;
  • treating food as relaxation;
  • the habit of eating chips, nuts, cookies while watching TV, reading newspapers;
  • eating a lot of sweets, e.g. during mental stress;
  • frequent frying in fat instead of cooking or baking;
  • adding too much salt and hot spices to meals;
  • Drinking too little amount of water;

So we learn now, how to stop our organism to gain weight. So let's talk now about: How to lose it.

As No. 1 

With all my heart, I would like to recommend to try out the " - The New Simple and Scientifically-Proven Way to Lose weight". A great step-by-step collection of what to eat,

how to exercise to lose weight quickly. In my opinion, is worth it to try





As No. 2  

Alternate day fasting: 

Fast every other day, and eat normally on non-fasting days.


As No. 3 

The 5: 2. Diet:

 Fast on two out of every seven days.


As No. 4

The 16/8 method: 

Fast for sixteen hours and eat only during an eight-hour window. For most people, the eight-hour window would be around noon to 8 p.m.


As No 5. 

More vegetables.

Any meal you eat should be mainly consisting of vegetables (50-70% of the meal)


That will be my "TOP 5" Tips to lose weight.

Let's not forget that can also will help :

  • Cut sugar and salt;
  • Drink more coffee;
  • eat spicy food (Believe me or not);
  • walking after eating;
  • stop eat at night;
  • exercises and again exercise;


But what if you are too lazy, and you have no patience or will to stick to a diet, then what we can do? I can advise you only to reach for heavy artillery. What does it mean?

The health market is full of many "special" products, pills, powders, creams, and other pharmaceutical specialties, the range of choices is huge, but not all act as they proclaim. they promise to help you lose weight overnight

But unfortunately, this is not true, there is no magic pill that you will take, go to sleep and wake up slim, anyway before you decide to take any product for weight loss, better contact your doctor or pharmacist.


But let's forget about pharmaceutical specialties for now, 

and let's say you are not too lazy and have a lot of strong will.


Finally, I would like to clarify the question of what we ask at the beginning of this article, "what to believe now?" which article about losing weight is right and which is wrong.

Everything mentioned above is true. But because our body reacts differently to different foods, it doesn't have the same solution for everyone. Unfortunately, what work's for one person may not work for you.



To lose weight, you need a lot of hard work and dedication to get the desired result.


Thank you all, who "survived" to the end of this article. I wish you a lot of health and success, on your way to a perfect body (the kind you would like to have)

Best regards

Jacob - Chooser Store

Entry edited at 20,05,2020

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