Why hairs are getting damaged, and what destroying them.

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Hello and welcome everyone !

Why hairs are damaged, and what destroying them. Here you will find a bit of advice for everyone.
So what is destroying them?

To be honest practically everything, but peoples with great, strong, and healthy hair don't have to worry so much, as people with sensitive, and weak hair.
Healthy, thick, and strong hairs are much more resistant, and are not at risk of straightening or rubbing against various objects - they can function normally.
So we will list all those things that might damage sensitive hair.
Below you can find a list of all things that might destroy your hair.

-Hairdressing treatments
Tapirs, rectification, locating, brightening, coloring, crimp, per, discoloration, drying with hot air, use of alcohol-based stylists, hair thickening and extension, but sometimes even the treatments do not damage the hair, but their improper performance, so it is important to use the services of professional hair salons.

-Combs                                                                                                           Combs with unevenness, clips and elastic bands with sharp elements or incorrectly selected brushes

-Inadequate hair washing:
Washing hair in hot or cold water, hair twisting to drain excess water, rubbing with a towel after washing, chaotic rubbing of hair during washing, washing too often, washing the hair too often with a strong shampoo without applying conditioner,
washing hair too rarely (in short: excess sebum is a nutrient for bacteria, DHT is also produced and causes hair loss),

abrasions on collars, earrings, pendants, headrests, coats, rubbing against a rough pillow while sleeping (including sleeping in loose hair) or rubbing the hair against your shoulders, wearing loose hair under a jacket, bag or seat belt crushing, tight headgear.

-Incorrect combing:
jerking hair while combing tangles, brushing and correcting hair with your hands too often, inadequate selection of the combing method (wet, dry, conditioner).

-Atmospheric factors:
strong wind, intense sun, frost.

saltwater, chlorinated water Minerals in hard tap water.

-Inappropriate cutting of hair
cutting hair with blunt scissors or blunt electric razor, excessive weighting, too rare undercutting (damages rise to the top).

-Bad nutrition

-Stress and lack of sleep

-Lack of restraint and balance in care
Besides protecting against damage, it is important to maintain PEH (water-protein-fat) balance, and moderation in care. Minimalism in hair care is one of a recipe for beautiful hair.

-Constant touching of hair
Constantly touching the ends and scalp or adjusting the hairstyle with your hand every few minutes - all this causes the hair to lose freshness faster and the tips get weaker every month. We avoid rummaging in the hair! :-)

Ahh, it was a long list, but let's not lose our minds.

Hairs are for us and not the other way around.
I hope you have learned what potentially destroying your hair, and from now on you going to be more careful. I also strongly encourage you to read my article on how to care for your hair
As always thank you for reading and I wish you a lot of success on your way to super healthy hairs
Best Regards
Jacob - Chooser Store


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