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==>Learn how to lose a weight<==
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Why do we gain weight ?

Hello to everyone :)



Why are we gaining weight?

This question is probably asked by each of us?

Why me? Why can they eat sweets and not get fat and I ate a lettuce leaf and can't fasten my pants (ok this is a bit exaggerated but you understand my point)


So let's explain one of the most asked questions why?, (No, we will not explain why the sky is blue, Well unless you want to, but it's a different topic for a different time, so let me know.)


So without delay, let's find out why we are getting fat.

Mainly as much as 95% of obesity cases are caused by simple overeating and lack of exercise. The remaining 5% are genetic and metabolic diseases...


So If overweight is your problem for a long time and you trying everything but, still you can not lose weight. Better contact your doctor

If for a long time we consume more calories, than we burn,

Our organism stores this surplus energy in the form of fat.

It should also be noted that our needs for daily calorie intake vary depending on:

-Our age,

-Our sex

Or our physical activity.


18 year old have different needs for calories than 30-year-old

The same applies to women and men or construction worker and office person.

Our daily requirement is 2000 - 2500kcal (so much we need to function), but as I mentioned it depends on the factors listed above.

Our real problem with gaining weight starts when we are not able to fit our daily dose, for actual needs.

In general, I would advise you to contact a doctor or dietitian to get information on your daily calorie needs.

Another reason is slow metabolism,

Our metabolism generally begins to slow down after the age of 30

Then we must be much more careful about what we eat and when we eat.

But first things first, what is metabolism and what is responsible for:

"Metabolism is a cycle of biochemical reactions occurring in each cell of the body leading to the transformation of food into nutrients and energy available for the body."

This means that slow metabolism causes a tendency to gain weight - fast does not.

for example:

A person with a fast metabolism can eat sweets, macaroni without regrets and a person with slow metabolism get fat from a lettuce leaf

The question is how to speed up metabolism if it is slow?


 you need to limit your calorie intake.

Second :

 It is worth limiting the consumption of saturated fat in favor of unsaturated fat. Don't eat sweets. In their place, it is better to introduce complex sugars of plant origin and fiber.

Third :

 Of course, exercise regularly, a minimum of 45 minutes. Shorter effort during weight loss is almost irrelevant. Only sugar from the liver and muscles is burned, not fat. To reach fat deposits, you need to exercise longer. Also, the effort must be intense. The metabolic rate increases not only during exercise but also maintains afterward.

But what if you are too lazy, and you have no patience or will to stick to a diet, then what we can do? I can advise you only to reach for heavy artillery

What does it mean?

The market is full of various tablets, powders, creams, and other pharmaceutical specialties, the range of choices is huge

But not all act as they proclaim. So be sure to contact your doctor before use.

As one of the better and proven drug is "Phen24" is a top from so-called Metabolism boosters.

P.S. is also available in our store Under the weight loss tab in products for women

( is not only for women but also for men :) ). Other products in this section are mainly used to burn fat. But this is a story for another time.


Thank you all for attention, I hope this article helps you.
I would also like to encourage you to read my second entry,
"How to lose weight" because if we know why we gain weight and how to prevent it, so why not find out how to lose weight?
Anyway I wish you a lot of health and success, on your way to a perfect body (the kind you would like to have)

Best regards
Jacob - Chooserstore

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